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This website is devoted to work being carried out into electronic technological solutions related to renewable energy systems. The hope is to provide technological design services, solutions and products that can lead to reduced impact on our environment.  I specifically want to use skills I have acquired as an Electronic circuit engineer and researcher, to produce products that have a positive impact on our planet.

The projects page of this site highlights examples of  products and services that can be undertaken. The list is not exclusive, and other new projects can be undertaken. Individual design and development services are available as required. Please contact me for details. More technical information and examples of work are provided at the following location.

To minimise environmental impact (stockholding, resource wastage etc), all products are built and supplied on a just in time basis. There will typically be a two-week turnaround on items or modification services. Specific details will be provided on the appropriate page.  

I can also be available to present systems at local events.


Martin John Burbidge


Phone: Lancs 825064




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